Celtic Next Day

CELTIC is pleased to announce the CELTIC-NEXT DAY on the 2nd of December with the keynote on Smart Sustainable Systems for a Green World and the 2020 CELTIC Awards announcement!

Public Funding Information updates from several Country representatives will be announced, and new proposal pitches for the next call will be presented.

The goal of CELTIC-NEXT calls is to expand knowledge, boost visibility and promote cooperative efforts for innovative results.

The CELTIC-NEXT Day is the perfect opportunity to close the year by joining CELTIC-NEXT Community, celebrating the success of the programme and learning about the next opportunities to keep engaged.

See the Agenda here

Registration: please use the online registration form

We expect to promote together with you the creation of new project proposals for a Smart Sustainable Green World.

CELTIC-NEXT Day follows the format of the CELTIC events, presenting the CELTIC Awards for 2020 and providing a network platform for organizations related to telecommunications and ICT that are interested to participate in a research project and want to benefit from performing collaborative research through the EUREKA Clusters.

Stay informed about CELTIC-NEXT

Please have also a look at Pitch Presentations of previous CELTIC Proposers Days here.

Celtic Next Day

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